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Substation Inspections

Substation  Inspections

Our approach to inspections of High Voltage Electrical Equipment (HV Electrical Equipment) and Low Voltage Electrical Equipment (LV Electrical Equipment) is focused around meeting the client’s business needs and expectations.

Regular inspection of your electrical equipment not only fulfils your duty of care by ensuring the electrical equipment under your control is inspected regularly, but it also ensures that it remains in a safe working order.

On an Inspection Service, we:

  • Inspect all equipment within the confines of the substation
  • Undertake Partial Discharge testing on all High Voltage Switchgear and on the HV side of transformers
  • Issue a full written report on findings detailing concerns/issues and our recommendations to correct any anomalies
Substation Inspections

Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM)

A Planned Preventive Maintenance programme allows for planning maintenance ahead of time. This allows maintenance to take place as a regular occurrence even while the asset is still functioning normally. The idea of a Planned Preventive Maintenance programme is to prevent problems as they occur, thus making it a highly beneficial strategy for businesses.

Key Benefits of Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM)

  • Longer lifespan of assets
  • Less need for major unplanned repair work
  • Improved overall efficiency
  • Reduced reactive maintenance costs and overtime costs
  • Asset enhancement- Planned works can react more frequently to changing business needs

INDSS can work with you to create a bespoke Planned Preventive Maintenance programme which can help you avoid costly reactive maintenance costs and ensure that your assets are in safe working order.

Substation Inspections
Substation Inspections
Substation Inspections

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